Commit e339d1f3 authored by José Bascuñan's avatar José Bascuñan

Merge branch '18-agregar-estado-deleted-a-proyectos' into 'staging'

agrega status deleted

See merge request !27
parents 8770388a 59a03af3
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......@@ -8,17 +8,20 @@ class ProjectStatuses(object):
CANCELLED = 'cancelled'
ACTIVE = 'active'
FINISHED = 'finished'
DELETED = 'deleted'
(CANCELLED, _('Cancelled')),
(ACTIVE, _('Active')),
(FINISHED, _('Finished')),
(DELETED, _('Deleted')),
CANCELLED: 'text-danger',
ACTIVE: 'text-dark',
FINISHED: 'text-success',
DELETED: 'text-danger',
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